Current XR (Extended Reality) Projects


Virtual Reality Assisted Conducting, 2023.

"A new pedagogy for a new generation," RibbonsVR: Virtual Reality Assisted Conducting is a novel approach to conducting pedagogy that leverages the power of virtual and mixed reality technology to augment, and not replace, traditional, face to face conducting pedagogy. 

Virtual Reality to Predict Psychosis 

In partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020. 

Our team has developed a novel virtual reality software that allows for an immersive and realistic recreation of the internal dialogue of patients. While virtual reality reconstructions of psychiatric conditions have been produced by VR professionals and researchers with extensive VR experience in the past, this is the first time a simple and intuitive platform has been developed that can be used by all educators or physicians to create unique VR experiences for students or patients. 

The platform we developed is a modification of a 3D audio VR musical composition program created by Roy Magnuson, solsticeVR. Our new platform,Virtual Reality to Predict Psychosis, allows for intuitive generation of spatial 3D sound. This creates an immersive experience believed to more closely replicate a patient’s inner experience of internal dialogue, whether it is true auditory hallucinations in psychosis, intrusive ruminative thoughts in major depressive disorder or obsessive thoughts in obsessive compulsive disorder. 


Virtual Reality Music Composition. 2019.

Utilizing the power of virtual reality and Unity, solsticeVR is a unique electronic music composition sandbox where amateurs and professionals alike can freely compose music based on their own original, custom samples.