RibbonsVR: Virtual Reality Assisted Conducting 

A new pedagogy, for a new generation

RibbonsVR: Virtual Reality Assisted Conducting is a truly next-generation teaching tool designed to supplement, and not replace traditional, the in-person conducting experience.

Cutting Edge Pedagogy That Works

Users can conduct in virtual environments with visualizations of their conducting patterns appearing in midair, in front of them, in real time. While conducting, musical examples will respond to users' gestures, allowing for precise control over changes in tempo as if there was a real group of performers in the room. This type of immediate, responsive feedback is only possible in a virtual environment like RibbonsVR.

Live Conducting In Mixed Reality

Students can utilize the passthrough feature to create a true mixed reality experience where one simultaneously sees the live ensemble members as well as the Ribbon visualization of their movement. This type of immediate visual feedback while engaged in live 

Supplement, Don't Replace 

All of this is supported by a curriculum created by Drs. Anthony Marinello and Timothy Fredstrom. With decades of collegiate conducting teaching experience, Marinello and Fredstrom have created a series of exercises specifically designed to enhance an already existing, traditional conducting curriculum, while also serving as a suitable, standalone experience and introduction to the fundamentals of conducting practice. 

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01 - RibbonsVR - Mixed Reality Live Conducting.mp4