Magnuson Sabbatical

Original Compositions, New Media Works,  And Other Experiments 

February-April 2023

Piano, In C 

February 3, 2023. Sampled Piano. 

My first experiment with Ableton where I tried to write something genuine and "me". This was done at my kitchen counter, without a musical keyboard, while my son was home sick. 


Solstice Sandbox

February 6, 2023. Voices, Synthesis.

Experimentation with the Spitfire Audio library Ablion Solstice. 

solstice sandbox.wav

String Solo, In D

February 8, 2023. Solo Cello, Strings.

Attempt at writing a single arc statement for solo cello and orchestra. Exploration of the Spitfire Audio libraries Albion Solstice and Albion Tundra. 

string solo test.wav

Works for Media

February 17, 2023. Instrumental samples.

Three works suitable for media composition (YouTube, film trailers, etc.) 

Simple Tune

simple tune.mp3

In C-Mix

C Mix.mp3


the miskatonic at arkham .mp4

The Miskatonic at Arkham

February 19, 2023. AI Generated Video, Film Score

My first  experiment with AI generated film. Score utilizes Native Instruments and Spitfire Audio libraries. Spooky. 

A memory of a train

February 22, 2023. AI Generated Video, Film Score, Solo strings

Second experiment with AI generated film. Score utilizes Native Instruments and Spitfire Audio libraries. 

A memory of a train (Nar Jag Var - When I Was).mp4

Thoughts and Prayers

March 1, 2023. Solo B-flat Trumpet. 

Commissioned by a consortium led by Dr. Anne McNamarra. 


Starry Night (AI)

March 22, 2023. AI Generated Video, AI Generated Audio 

Experimenting with AI Generated Video (Text to Video) that is influenced by AI Generated Music (Text to Audio) 


April 29, 2023. AI Generated Video, Algorithmic Composition

Experimenting with AI Generated Video, AI Generated Code, and Sonic PI. Music is generated in Sonic PI, with code created by GPT4 when given the famous opening line of William Gibson's Neuromancer: "The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel."


Penguins: Survival in Antarctica

May 1, 2023. Film Score, Sampled Instruments. 

Two hour film score challenge sponsored by The Cue Tube. Start to finish this score took just under two hours to complete. 

I wanted to practice what I preach to my New Media students. That is, be ready to write anything, at any point, for anyone, quickly. 

Spoopy Main Title Track for Indie Game

May 3, 2023. Synthesis. 

One hour challenge to write a temp main theme for a spooky indie game title screen. Native Instruments samples.